To provide students with an educational foundation for life-long success

Principal's Message

In the years since the 1990-91 school year when PASS began, as high school
alternative programs coordinator, I have met many talented and promising
students who have attended PASS, PALS, PACE and I-CARE. For various reasons,
each one of them had been unsuccessful within traditional school settings and
had been considered high-need and at-risk. During the first 21 years of PASS,
1200 students earned their high school diplomas, ranging from 9 the first
year to 94 graduates our top year. These students are productive citizens in
Kingman as well as around the world, and I am proud to say they are teachers,
nurses, business owners, secretaries, servicemen in the Army, Navy and
Marines, as well as continuing students and parents of the next generation.
We see them working everywhere we shop, eat or do business in Kingman!

Our PALS, PACE, and I-CARE students go on to graduate from PASS or KHS. The
PACE program is for students who are significantly behind on credits who need
self-paced classes and extra help on core academics. PALS provides PACE and
PASS students who need more structure an opportunity to focus on academics and
learn skills needed upon return to PASS and PACE. I-CARE students have had problems
with following rules, but most who finish I-CARE go on to succeed at PASS or

You might ask "Why?" We feel that it is because many students need a small,
intimate educational community that nurtures individual social, academic, and
personal growth. PASS, PALS, PACE and I-CARE offer a safe learning
environment for students to build skills and increase personal resiliency.
This increases the likelihood of success in society as young adults. I
appreciate our school staff who work diligently each day to meet student
needs and provide students with support and encouragement to realize their
full potential. With me, they welcome you to PASS, PALS, PACE and I-CARE and
hope you will have a successful and rewarding school year!


Sandy McCoy
Alternative Programs Coordinator


News and Announcements

Jerron Knuthson Graduated!

Jerron worked very hard to complete his graduation requirements to head to the Marine Corps in San Diego. His words of wisdom: "Don't slack off!" Jerron came to PASS because he was behind on credits. Jerron will be missed at PASS for his helpfulness and good humor!

First 2016 Graduate: Connor Knoll

Connor Knoll has enlisted in the Marine Corps, and will be at Camp Pendleton in San Diego He plans to study after the military to be a physician assistant. His words of wisdom to current and future students: "Buckle down! Don't mess around!"

Parent Forum: MCC Informational Forum Well-Attended

Students were interested in CNA, criminal justice, dental hygiene, vet tech, forensic science, and automotive classes. Information was presented on the application process, as well as that students with sophomore or junior credits can take one class for free through Jump Start Scholarship and 7 credits free with Early Start Scholarship during senior year and one semester following. There's also a really great website that shows how MCC courses transfer to ASU, NAU or U of A.

Campus Registration

For pre-registered students, registration materials are in the mail. PASS and PACE will register on July 30 and 31 at the time indicated in your registration packet. I-CARE registers at 12:30 on July 29.

PASS Grad: Yadira Lara

Yadira completed her CNA course and passed the state test while enrolled at PASS. This paid off, as she was able to care for her grandfather in his final days. She plans to attend beauty college now that she has graduated high school.

PASS Grad: Brandon Turk

Brandon Turk plans to have a full-time job while taking MCC classes to be an EMT. He advises current students: "Don't be lazy, it's worth it and it can happen! Graduate!"

PASS Grad: Jessalyn Drach

Jessalyn Selander Drach is married, with her husband serving in the military. She planned to graduate early, to get ready for her adult life. She plans to join her husband in May.

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